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When I decided to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry my main goal was to help others achieve and maintain optimal well being. I strive to be a role model: living a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise as well as relaxation, and delicious and nutritious foods.

When I started working at Steve Nash I connected with many wonderful clients who had a wide variety of needs and fitness goals. Although several of my clients made huge progress over the past 6 months, one client in particular took the tools presented to her and ran with them! Not only did she start making exercise a priority but she also completely changed her eating habits. I would like to share her story as I hope it inspires people that it’s never too late to make changes. This story is really about Jacqueline’s transformation from an unsatisfied and unfit woman leading an unhealthy lifestyle to the energetic and happy person she is today.

Jacqueline and I embarked upon our journey together in May of 2013. When Jacqueline arrived at the gym for her first session she was unsure about working with a fitness trainer but unhappy with her current level of fitness and in need of some guidance. We had an immediate connection and soon enough we both looked forward to meeting twice a week to train. Slowly she began to embrace exercise in a whole new way. Despite the initial aches and pains that accompany any fitness program, she pushed through and told me she felt amazing after every training session and was delighted to have had no injuries in the process; something she feared.

In the beginning there were many exercises that she struggled with but over time she got stronger. Some of her personal best accomplishments were going from 5 minutes of cardio training to doing over 30 minutes without stopping. She was also able to complete a full hour of circuit training with energy left to spare after just five months of conditioning and hard work.

One of her most important and measurable successes was her ability to performing the plank and abdominal legs lifts without any pain. Jacqueline gave birth by cesarean to her daughter 11 years ago and found that any exercises that put stress on her lower abdomen posed a challenge. In five months she went from 3 leg lifts to 12 and can now hold the plank for 60 seconds (compared to 15 back in May). Jacqueline has since made fitness a part of her life 5-6 days a week. She trains on her own 3-4 days a week in addition to her fitness training sessions twice a week.

Check out Jacqueline’s progress…
May 18, 2013 –
Age 50
Height 5’6
Weight 153 lbs.
BMI 24.8
Body Fat 36.5%

The old Jacqueline.
October 12, 2013 –

Age 50
Height 5’6
Weight 140 lbs.
BMI 22.9
Body Fat 31%

The current Jacqueline.
photo (5)

This is only the beginning for Jacqueline, she is now determined to reduce her body fat to 27% or less thus increasing her lean muscle mass and in turn increasing her total fitness level. It’s been a pleasure working with this amazing, thoughtful, dedicated and inspiring woman. I hope to help Jacqueline continue on her journey to optimal health.

Not only is Jacqueline successful where her health is concerned she also runs a very well known Medi-Spa here in North Vancouver. Please visit her website for further information or to book an appointment.

I wish her the best in everything she does. Miss you Jacqueline. ❤


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Did you know that your liver is the most important organ in your body alongside your heart?!
liver detox
Our liver is the largest internal organ in the body and plays a major role in metabolism, the storage of glycogen, red blood cell decomposition and detoxifying everything that enters the body. It acts like a filter, processing everything we put past our lips including things like pesticides and other chemicals, saturated fats and alcohol. Given the liver’s vital and constant 24/7 job, it’s easy to see how it can become compromised and require support.

Current research indicates that 9 out of 10 people have what is known as a “fatty liver”. There are three major symptoms that indicate you are in need of extra liver support: poor skin (primarily pimples, acne and cellulite), low energy levels (general fatigue for no good reason) and an ever expanding waistline (excess weight around the midsection that will not go away with exercise and diet alone). Alive Magazine – June 2013

If you seem to struggle with losing weight there’s a good chance your liver is the culprit or at least part of the equation. When the liver is burdened with bad fats like those in deep fried foods, baked goods, meats and alcohol it in turn slows your metabolism and inhibits weight loss. The best way to detoxify your liver, increase your metabolism and your body’s ability to function optimally is by way of liver cleansing foods, herbs and/or nutritional supplements.

One of my favourite liver support supplements is:

Sold at Steve Nash Fitness!

Available at Steve Nash Fitness

For those of you who wish to increase the detoxification effects of the liver (in conjunction with a liver support supplement), below is a list of of the best foods:
*dandelion & leafy greens (helps to neutralize metals, chemicals and pesticides)
*cruciferous vegetables (produce enzymes that aid in digestion thus eliminating toxins)
*garlic (activates enzymes that eliminate toxins)
*turmeric (helps with the production of bile)
*beets (high in plant flavonoids that increase liver function)
*grapefruit juice (helps the liver flush out toxins – unsweetened is best)
*green tea (high in antioxidants that support the liver)
*avocados (high in antioxidants and helps the liver filter out harmful materials)
*lemons (aid with digestion & detoxification)
*walnuts (high in omega-3, helping support the liver’s cleansing process)

What are you doing to support your liver?

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It’s hard to believe I have been working towards a full-time career in the fitness training industry for nearly six years. When I embarked upon this journey and began my BC Parks and Recreation Fitness Training certification in Nelson in 2007, I immediately applied to the local recreation center and got hired on part-time. It was then I knew I wanted to pursue Personal Training as a career and was willing to do what it took to get there.

The past five years running my own fitness training business part-time and working in the organic food, vitamin and supplements industry has been great but I started to feel a pull towards my real passion for fitness so started looking at my options. With the completion of my Personal Training Certification at Infofit Educators in 2010 and graduation from Douglas College’s Sport Science program in 2012, I knew what I wanted to accomplish and set out to find the right fit.

steve nash personal trainerI am thrilled to announce that I am now working as a Personal Trainer at Steve Nash Fitness World in North Vancouver! It’s an amazing facility with a ton of equipment, a pool, sauna and many very skilled fitness trainers. I feel like a human sponge at the moment. There is so much to learn not only with policies, procedures, fitness programs and paperwork but also how to best serve the new clients I have been assigned to working with.

Past clients have described me as enthusiastic, a positive influence on their lives and someone who is always willing to go the extra mile to exceed my clients’ expectations. If you’re in the market for a Personal Trainer please stop by the club and ask for me as I am accepting new clients! I specialize in helping those new to weight training feel more confident in the gym setting, those looking to lose weight or gain muscle, and people looking for a fresh workout program.

I look forward to seeing you in the club!

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