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The Myths…

Myth#1 – “To loose belly fat do more sit-ups”

There’s no such thing as spot training.  Believe it not, in order to achieve successful weight loss in the abdomen you must do cardiovascular activities like jogging, biking, swimming and hiking at least 3-5 days per week, for a minimum of 30-45 minutes each time, along with a strength training regimen including sit-ups.  The human body is made up of many intricate systems that work together to perform daily functions.  By introducing a cardiovascular and weight training program into your daily routine, over time you will decrease your risk for injuries, increase your strength and cardiac abilities as well as experience a sense of overall well being, not to mention improving your overall health and longevity.  Before you know it, that stubborn belly fat may even start to melt away!

Myth #2 – “Fat makes you fat”

Although there is some truth to this expression, overeating in general regardless if it comes from carbohydrates, protein or fat will cause you to gain weight.  The major misconception is that eating “fat-free foods” will help you loose weight.  The truth is that most foods claiming they’re fat-free supplement the fat with extremely harmful chemicals like aspartame or mono sodium glutamate (MSG).  These are two chemicals that our bodies cannot metabolize and are therefore are destructive once ingested.  It’s very important to read the labels on pre-packaged food to decided whether or not there healthy choices.  A good rule of thumb is if it’s processed and pre-packaged it’s not healthy!  In order to function at optimal levels our bodies require 25-30% of our daily food intake from fat, not the deep fried saturated kind either!  Flax, fish, olive, coconut, evening primrose and hemp oils as well as the fat present in nuts, seeds and avocados are all great sources of omega 3,6, and 9.  These oils are very important for cardiovascular health, lubrication of  the joints, skin, hair and nails, as well as helping with brain function and concentration.

Myth #3 – “Skinny = Healthy”

The fact is that just because someone is thin doesn’t make them healthy.  Take models for example, they barely eat, are extremely skinny and give us the misconception that they’re healthy.  Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just what’s visible to the naked eye.  A person who eats a well balanced diet, exercises regularly and does some form of stress reduction like yoga, is still considered healthy even if there 10 lbs overweight, according the standards and norms.  Obviously carrying extra body fat puts unnecessary stress on our joints, heart and body overall, therefore it’s best to maintain a healthy body weight but remember, thin doesn’t always mean healthy.

Remember in order to live a healthy life our bodies need exercise, good meal choices, anti-stress techniques and everything in moderation.  Have a healthy week!


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