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Coconut oil has become a staple in my home over that past 7 years. Its health benefits, versatility and flavour far outweigh that of any other healthy fat that I’m aware of. I learned about this amazing oil while living in Nelson years ago and have had a tub in my bathroom and kitchen ever since. To say that I couldn’t live without it may sound extreme, but wait until you hear about all the ways I use it!

There are two main types of coconut oil: expeller pressed, which can be used for anything as it is odorless and tasteless, or virgin that has a coconutty flavour that’s great for cooking, baking and skincare. Always ensure you use food grade for optimal quality.

The main health benefits of coconut oil:
* Anti-inflammatory
* Antimicrobial
* Antifungal
* Antiviral
therefore it helps with…
* Improving nutrient absorption
* Killing candida fungus
* Reversing Alzheimer’s
* Type 1 & 2 diabetes
* Hypothyroidism
* Promoting weight loss
* Strengthening the hair
* Providing athletes with a natural source of energy
* 3.5 Tbsp daily can help enrich a mother’s breast milk

My favourite things to use coconut oil for in the kitchen:
* frying eggs
* drizzling on popcorn
* using in place of butter for greasing baking pans
* replacing butter or other oils in baking recipes
* frying fish or chicken
* spreading on toast to replace butter
* melting and adding to smoothies to give it a creamy, oily texture

My favourite cosmetic uses of coconut oil:
* Skin moisturizer – I use it on my face and body
* As a sun screen – it’s naturally SPF 4!
* Soothing skin after being in the sun or after a scrape or bite
* Massage therapy – I use it on my 5 month old every evening after the bath
* An all natural lubricant – the non-coconut smelling option is best

I hope this list is reason enough to purchase your own tub of coconut oil! And I bet there’s even more ways and uses for this magnificent oil, please share yours in the comments below.

Some information was referenced from the following website: http://healthimpactnews.com/2011/80-uses-for-coconut-oil/


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Cleansing is an interesting journey to say the least. Just when you think you cannot handle another day without the foods you love (bread, dairy, sugar) you find the courage and push through. At least that’s the goal anyways!

My ultimate weakness...sigh.

My ultimate weakness…sigh.

This blog was preceded by “Diary of a Recovering Chocoholic“, Part One of my anti-candida cleanse. After reading The Body Ecology DietI set my sights on remaining sugar-free for 8 full weeks. The first two weeks were definitely the most challenging but as time passed my body adjusted to the new cleaner way eating and I started to feel great, no cravings!

My progress and report from weeks 1-4 can be looked at by going to my previous post.

Week 5: The good news is that by week 5 I still had absolutely no sugar cravings. My body began to adjust to this new way of eating. The only real problem I seemed to be experiencing was boredom. The thought of eating another bowl of cold quinoa with steamed greens and dulse just wasn’t cutting it. I longed for my blueberry, banana, flax oil protein shake I was eating prior to cleansing.

Week 6: Has it already been a full moon cycle? I knew it must have been since my mild (used to be severe) cravings for sweets was returning. I managed to continue eating clean, no cheating and my period was the easiest it has been in months! No pain, minimal acne and mild moodiness. I hope this is the new normal.

Week 7: I started introducing some new foods into my diet as I became a little bored with the current regimen and was worried I would end up cheating. I created a yummy smoothie with blueberries, 1/4 of an avocado, almond milk and vegetarian protein powder. It was so delicious! I am still experiencing lots of energy and overall feel great!

Week 8: It’s incredible how much stress can affect your diet and the choices you make. During my eighth week on the The Body Ecology Diet I applied for a new job (three interviews in three days) and got hired. Wow, amazing but what about my cleanse!? How will I manage? My life as I knew it was about to change in a big way. Although I wanted to commit to 3 full months, I also knew that eating the way I was could not be maintained in the same way.

I have been off chocolate, ice cream, cookies and tropical fruits until this past week. I have also kept up on my daily intake of sauerkraut, kefir and apple cider vinegar. I even made it through a delicious Easter weekend potluck without indulging in any sweets. I feel great, my digestion is better than it has been in a very long time and I no longer crave the sweets like I had in the past.

The two most important things that I plan to continue is remaining wheat free, and including fermented foods in my diet. These are now permanent dietary changes for me, since I feel so much better!

For anyone looking to break those sugar craving habits please check out this book and see for yourself how amazing you can truly feel!

The Body Ecology Diet

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I’m someone who believes in natural medicine; that our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves given the opportunity and correct support and that with determination we can achieve anything we put our minds too.  Although Western medicine still has its place, letting nature take it course is a motto I tend to live by.

I want to share my most recent experience doing just that, allowing natural medicine to aid me through my battle with candida.  Until recently, I had never truly realized the extent of detrimental effects sugar has on our bodies. I have struggled for many years with both minor and major health concerns that just seem to hang on no matter what I do. Growing up in a home where sugar and sweets had their own cupboard space my addiction started early! It’s not overly surprising that so many of us battle with sugar cravings and addictions because, as I also recently discovered, sugar is only one molecule different than that of alcohol…one of the most widespread addictions!

This past Christmas my wife and I received an Amazon gift card from a relative. One evening we began searching through the online directory in search of some new books. I stumbled across one I had skimmed through a few weeks earlier at the local book store called,
The Body Ecology Diet

The Body Ecology Diet
Although I have many self-help books, I often find myself browsing the pages looking for specific topics, sometimes leaving entire chapters unread. I can’t say I’ve read very many cover-to-cover. That was definitely not the case with the The Body Ecology Diet, I could not put this book down. It offered so much relevant information in an easy to understand format that I devoured it in three weeks. Anyone who is struggling with a sugar addiction like me or looking to get on the path to better health should definitely read this book.

I have now been following the anti-candida diet (a form of cleansing that destroys the overgrowth of yeast in the body), as outlined in the book, for four weeks. I have not had any sugar, fruit, dairy, bread or pasta.  I have been enjoying vegetables, eggs, chicken, quinoa, millet, fresh herbs and herbal teas, and lots of sauerkraut and kefir- fermented foods that really aid the cleansing process. I began seeing improvements in my health after just two weeks!  

Week 1:  The first three days were the worst.  I felt pretty horrible!  I had a terrible headache, felt very foggy and developed a slight fever on nights two and three. As the week went on these symptoms lessened but I was feeling more weak and tired than usual.

Week 2: I still felt quite tired and found it difficult to get motivated to exercise (certainly a new experience for me).  It took all the energy I had to go to work all day and manage a 30 minute walk to and from the bus.  Lots of rest, walking and yoga were crucial during this time!

Week 3: My body began to regain its energy and I got back to my regular active lifestyle. Aches and pains disappeared and I began to feel more clear. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t had any cravings for chocolate or cookies so far- until my period. Those first two days were difficult but I persevered and treated myself to some Granny Smith apples instead. Wow, they never tasted so good!

Week 4: At the end of week four I developed a head cold. Apparently this is part of the cleansing process. Candida has the ability to thrive in various places including the sinus cavities! Otherwise I’m feeling pretty good, and I’m noticing the acne on my back and neck is much better. I’m reintroducing sweeter apples into my diet now.

According to The Body Ecology Diet it can take anywhere from three months to three years to completely heal the body of candida. I am on a mission to complete three months and will be giving monthly updates on how I feel as things progress.  The diet alone is not enough to kill off the overgrowth of candida so taking an anti-candida supplement is key.  I’m using CandidaStop by New Roots and ensuring I take ample amounts of acidophilus everyday to replenish the good bacteria that my body needs.

I am thankful my wife has been so supportive and understanding of my restrictions, even attempting some new and unusual foods (millet amaranth veggie burgers, anyone?), and oh yeah, my constant reek of garlic thanks to the supplements. Lol!

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